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Become a Supporting Friend

The donation is one of the major sources of income for all charitable and humanitarian organisations.  The same applies to the Doka Foundation project, with the difference that the donation here is based on Buddhist principles and practices.  Especially, Dana – cultivation of generosity, is one of the most important practices in Buddhism.  

If you choose to become a supportive friend of the Doka Foundation, you enter into a generosity practice that requires you to act with a pure heart, without thoughts of personal gain, without pride, arrogance and vanity and with the purest intention and trust.  In this way, the distinction between “I” and “others” disappears, and your act of sharing becomes beneficial for everyone. 


Cultivating generosity is more important than the amount you can donate, but without honest intent, the act of donation will have less effect on you, and honest intent without action will have less effect on others.  Only when they are united, can the power of intention and action create miracles and transform the World. 


In a practical sense, however, you can exercise your generosity in the way that suits you best.  You can support the Doka Foundation with any amount, or change (or cancel) the amount and type of donation, at any time.  And although your support should go beyond the ordinary transactions, you will get the full transparency that allows you to witness impact of your own contribution in creating a happier world. 






You can help by:

  • general donation or donation for specific projects

  • one time donation or a continuous monthly donation

  • indirect donation by sponsoring the travel costs of the Doka Foundation

  • indirect donation through sponsorship of marketing costs (creation of the text, flyers, movies etc. to promote the DoKa Foundation protégées)

  • indirect donation through own expertise (marketing, administration, etc.)


You will follow the development of the projects:

  • through regular newsletters containing information on activities and programs  


For more information, please contact doka.foundation@gmail.com