Doka Foundation


Why the Doka Foundation?

Interconnection between individual and world


The globalized world not only shows how interconnected everything is, but at the same time reinforces all the effects of human actions. As a result, World faces challenges that are not always easy to solve. Challenges that threaten humanity and the ecological systems that support life on earth as we know it today. These threats are reflected at the individual level through physical, emotional, or mental malfunctions, or at the level of society through wars, mass migrations, or ecological disasters.


All these effects create a strong reaction in every individual, which amplifies the initial problem even more. This makes man not only one of the main causes of the challenges that the Earth is experiencing, but also one of the keys to restoring balance and healing the World.  Such enormous responsibility can only be assumed if everyone learns anchor themselves in a present moment and to cultivate full awareness and compassion in their own lives. This will shift the way people think, perceive and act, which in turn accelerates the impact on different levels of society and the environment.


Need for transformations on an individual level


Every single person is a unique combination of traits and has a unique potential that often remains unused throughout one’s life. Many people live in the delusion of who they really are, what contributes to the creation of destructive thoughts, emotions, or actions that harm not only themselves but also others.


The Doka Foundation aims to reach people at an individual level. For this purpose, Dr. Maja Doka Mikos has developed The Three Kernel System, which applies various tools used in ancient teachings and wisdom. These tools train the awareness in everyday life.  People learn to be present, to recognise habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours and to respond compassionately to it. As a result, they can free themselves from the lifelong conditioning that limits their personal growth. By learning how to use tools and take responsibility for their own wellbeing, people can experience a permanent change in their lifestyle. 


The Doka Foundation offers an approach that goes beyond short-term relief of symptoms. Instead, it sets the stage for continuous learning through personal experience, which carries the potential of lasting benefit. In turn, this enables greater resistance to negative influences, unlocks personal skills and makes life blossom.  As a result, the unfolding of human potential reconnects person not only with inner self, but also with the outside world. 


Action level of the Doka Foundation project


People around the world suffer out of various reasons. Sufferings caused by socio-political, cultural and ecological factors are clearly recognizable and are widely and generously supported by many humanitarian and non-profit organisations. However, some problems are recurring or cannot be solved despite all the help. Often people are not aware that the reason for failure lies in the fact that help is intended to solve visible problems, while the cause of the problem remains unresolved. This is like sowing the seeds in infertile soil, regardless of the seed quality, the plant is restricted in its growth or even completely blocked. 


Therefore, "preparing the soil", or strengthening the body and mind, is of paramount importance for the future development of each individual. With that in mind, Dr. Maja Doka Mikos is trying to work with organisations that provide assistance and support to the disadvantaged population, in finding a holistic solution to the suffering they face.

The DoKa Foundation aims to support all people in their attempts to reach this stage. Particular attention is given to groups and individuals who are extremely exposed to destructive internal or external conditions that put them off balance. The Doka Foundation collaborates with local (Switzerland) and global (world) institutions and supports their beneficiaries or other individuals, either online or in person:

  • Field work - personal visits of the marginalised population directly on site

  • Workshops - awareness training and personal conversations with children and their caregivers


Supporting the Doka Foundation

All the costs of the Doka Foundation (travel, workshop materials, tuition and accommodation fees) are fully funded by private donations and sponsorship. If you would like to become a supporting friend of the Doka Foundation, read how you can join us.