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HINOTORI ZENDO, is an independent, nonprofit organisation whose mission is to contribute to the development of the more compassionate world by alleviating suffering and paving the way to the awakening of every seeker.

HINOTORI ZENDO is located in the heart of Zürich. It brings the practice style of the hermitage and Zen temple into the middle of the urban life. It is founded by Doka Sensei and is dedicated to develop awareness and share the laws of the Way, as it has been shared by awakened people from generation to generation. 


Although HINOTORI is distinctly independent, much of the training, liturgy, and practice forms used in the Zendo come from the tradition of Zen, as it evolved in ancient China and Japan. In addition to traditional Zen practice, Doka has established the Three Kernel System, a unique approach designed to provide a comprehensive training program for Western students living an urban lifestyle and dealing with modern-day issues.  Regardless of whether the traditional or the modern approach is used, the Zendo practice aims to strengthen the awareness and facilitate the path to enlightenment.


The Zendo offers all practitioners various opportunities to develop spiritually (Zen training), to apply Zen Buddhist teachings in their daily lives (ZenQiYo Academy) or to engage in socially relevant topics (DoKa Foundation). This is done through weekly Zen practice, retreats and Sesshins, ceremonies and rituals, but also through ZenQiYo programs and social initiatives.  


When approaching a Japanese Zen monastery to begin monastic training, the Zen student would traditionally carry only the bare essentials in a backpack.  In front of the monastery, facing a large, richly decorated and heavy gate, he would be expected to leave everything behind and enter unweighted by anything, whether material or immaterial.  Contrary to popular belief, this monastic experience does not mean that Zen monks and nuns begin a life that separates them from the rest of existence, but just the opposite.  Through the training of total emancipation, monks and nuns are reunited with all existence. 


Similarly, when practitioners enter HINOTORI, they pass the symbolic Gate and have the opportunity to leave all attachments on the other side, to empty their mind and to get to know their original nature.