WITH  Doka Sensei




In the current situation caused by the pandemic, we collectively feel the need for balance, introspection and a voice of reason.


For that reason Doka Sensei makes herself available to answer questions and support also people who are not practicing in Hinotori Zendo in these challenging times.  Online Mondo is taking place online via Zoom, every Monday at 8:00 p.m. CET  


Questions should be submitted in a written form with the hashtag #HinotoriInTimeOfCrisis (in English, German, Serbian, or Slovenian), but if time permits also during online meeting. The answers will be provided in the language of the question and then translated into English for the benefit of others. 


This is free, but your donation is very welcome to support work of Doka Sensei.  You can use PayPal, TWINT or direct bank transfer via e-banking.


  1. Submit question

  2. Register

  3. Zoom link will be sent to you automaticaly

  4. Donate amount of your choice if you wish and can

  5. Join Online Mondo on time

  6. Ask further question if time allows

  7. Check up this page to read answer (this will be done in addition once time allows, so please be patient )

  8. Check up other ways to stay in contact with Doka Sensei or join other Zendo practice


Please, be patient. This will come soon.



Doka Sensei