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The ultimate mission of HINOTORI ZENDO, is to contribute to the development of a global consciousness and an awakened and compassionate society. This may seem like a distant and too ambitious goal, but to quote Laozi, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."  How successful this journey would be depends on every single person.  For this reason, especially people who work in spiritual field have the responsibility to unconditionally support each individual in their quest for inner harmony. For only if inner harmony is reached on an individual level can the world become a harmonious place.

Doka Sensei

Spiritual Practice

Zen Training

Awakening & Transformation

This program line emphasizes the unique powerful way of direct spiritual transformation through lived experience rather than theoretical knowledge. The training is adequate for those wishing to begin, deepen or go beyond their meditation practice. The main focus is on practicing Zazen, the so-called Zen meditation, a simple but transformative practice that teaches you to become aware of your body, mind, thoughts, and emotions. The training offers the opportunity to delve into your deepest questions about life and death, to dissolve the Ego, to abandon duality and discrimination, to discipline the mind and body, to promote generosity and compassion, and finally to awake to bliss. It is the perfect antidote for anyone who finds it hard to sit still.


Zazen instructions are offered to individuals and groups of all sizes.


The training will be led by Zen Priest Doka Sensei, founder and teacher of HINOTORI Zendo. Doka is a longtime nun with decades of experience. Please contact her for more information.


Applied Spirituality

ZenQiYo Academy

Awareness & Change

The training is offered to people who are driven by wish to live more mindfully and stress-free and who want to improve their wellbeing at all levels.  The system developed specifically for this group (the Three Kernel System) uses elements of ancient tools (Zen, Yoga, Taoism) to create individual, group or institutional ZenQiYo programs.  


The training will be led by Zen priest Doka Sensei, founder and teacher of HINOTORI Zendo and ZenQiYo Academy. Doka Sensei is a long-time nun with decades of experience from both worlds - Spiritual and Secular.  Business and academic experience enables her to accurately assess the issues that are relevant to different types of workspaces and to apply appropriate ancient teachings and methods to heal the resulting suffering.


Contact Sensei if you would like a personal consultation or would like to arrange a seminar, workshop or presentation with your organisation.


Engaged Spirituality

DoKa Foundation

Generosity & Compassion

The inevitabilities of old age, sickness, and death are no different today than they were nearly 2500 years ago, when the Buddha faced them and gave up a life of prosperity and comfort to find the way out of the suffering caused by inevitable life changes.  What is different today is the existing means (technology, digitization) that increase the speed, reach and impact of every single action in this globalized and highly networked world.  As a consequence, world faces challenges, which are not always easy to solve. Challenges that threaten humanity and the ecological systems, and whose solution goes beyond economic and technological development.


The DoKa Foundation program is launched with the purpose help support marginalized groups who have little or no access to opportunities to overcome suffering. Program serves to pave the way for compassion and restoration of original values ​​and trust.


Doka Sensei, founder and teacher of HINOTORI Zendo, provides support through mindfulness training, counseling and teaching commitments. To this end, she visits local and international nonprofit organizations that support marginalized communities, especially children and adolescents. Doka Sensei is a long-time nun with decades of experience from both worlds - Spiritual and Secular.  


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