Silent Retreat

Practicing silence does not mean to abound only spoken words. Quite your inner stories too. Disengage in mind’s monologs, dialogs or movie shows.  Just breathe.  Stay without judgements even when the inner storms are scary and external sounds seam to disperse all over the mind.  Don't hold to anything - not to feelings, not to thoughts, not to pain, not even to the breath.


Just let all go.

Where ever you go, always return to silence.


Doka Sensei

DATES:      Every Monday, 19:15 - 20:15

COSTS:    25 CHF (members) / 35 CHF (non-members)

For payment options follow the link


Everyone is welcome and no previous knowledge is required. However, if you are not yet familiar with Hinotori's practice, contact Zendo for more detailed instructions.


  • No oral communication is allowed; enter and leave Zendo with Gassho

  • Minimize external impulses. Lower your eyes as you walk and focus on your breath

  • Be aware of everyone around you, without habitual worldly expressions

  • Don't keep your eyes locked to another person

  • Show respect to other practitioners by using non-verbal communication. Silence does not mean ignorance and isolation.

  • Be aware of every movement and harmonise with others

  • Let go of the judgments

  • Do not move during Zazen practice

  • Try to extend the effect of silence on your way home

  • Face anything that reveals in silence.

  • Contemplate your experience

  • If you want to talk about effects, arrange a meeting with the teacher while the experience is still fresh


19:00 - 19:10 arrival 

19:15   - 19:45 zazen

19:45  - 19: 55 kinhin

19:55   - 20:15 zazen

20:15   - close

Zendo Etiquette

Each action performed in Zendo should serve as a practice aimed at focusing on the NOW. To achieve this, Zendo has a set of rules that are clearly defined to create a smooth practice and optimal coexistence of all practitioners. Please read before entering the practice.