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Takuhatsu 托鉢

The purpose of HINOTORI Zendo is to lead everyone back to their original nature and to enhance compassion in the world.  This requires continuous work, combined with absolute discipline and full dedication.  The essence of such work is like a motherhood - it is committed to unconditional giving.  And yet, in the world of forms, even the most sacred activity requires material support for its performance.  Without the generosity of students and patrons, Zendo cannot operate or implement social initiatives. Thank you for helping me to offer refuge to all who are in need or seeking peace, liberation and awakening. 


Takuhatsu (托鉢) is the Zen practice of offering Dana or giving alms to Buddhist monks in Japan. This practice dates back to the time when monks begged for their daily meal in return for preaching the dharma. At the same time, it deepened the relationship between monks and the community and gave the laymen the opportunity to make good karma through donations. 


Although the practice of Takuhatsu could not really be established in the West, teachers, temples, and monasteries fully rely on the generosity of the students, whose support enables the continued dissemination of the Buddha Dharma.


HINOTORI ZENDO implements the digital form of Takuhatsu, which will take place annually. It starts 3th of December and lasts 49 days. If you would like to support the social initiatives and teaching of Doka Sensei, please consider making a donation. Thank you for practicing generosity. 

Annual Takuhatsu 2021 / 2022 


49 days

03.12.2021  - 20.01.2022