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Weekend Sesshin

During the Regular Sesshin, practitioners are invited to immerse themselves in Zazen practice more intimately and experience the power that emerges from prolonged silence. The focus is on Zazen and Kinhin, but the practice is expanded with Samu (Zen practice through work), and Oryoki (practice during meals). Participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the teacher (during Mondo, and Dokusan) and to listen to Dharma lectures.


During Silent Sesshin, no talks, or face-to-face interviews will be scheduled and Zazen will be interrupted only by Kinhin and short breaks for tea and meals.

All conditioned things are impermanent — when one sees this with wisdom, one turns away from suffering.



DATES:    10-12.01 / 29.-31.05. / 28-29.11. / 04-06.12

COSTS:  depending on Sesshin  

150.00 CHF - 250.00 CHF (members) /  190.00 CHF - 300.00 CHF (non-members)


If you're unable to pay this amount, please offer what you can. If you would like to make an additional donation, it would be appreciated.  For payment options follow the link


Participants will arrive in Zendo early in the morning to begin a schedule that includes Zazen, chanting, formal silent meals (Oryoki), and work practice (Samu). The aim of this Sesshin is to immerse oneself into the enormous power of silence, which is generated by intensive practice, that breaks through all ego barriers and brings you closer to awakening.  For people who are experienced in Zen practice but are new to Hinotori Zendo, an introduction to Sesshin will be offered on Friday afternoon as a part of the registration process. 

Accommodation is not offered.


What to bring?

Please note that Zendo implements practice in all areas of life, which means that you will find simplicity without comfortable sofas or pillows. The only comfort are the dining table and the chairs in the western seating style. 


Hinotori strive to keep prices as low as possible and to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the practice. No deposit is required to register. However, due to the limited number of places, you are expected to cancel your participation in good time if you are unable to join for any reason. Thank you for your practice and continued support.  Please do not let financial problems prevent you from attending a program in Hinotori Zendo. If you can’t afford the program fee, get in touch to find another solution. 


It is my top priority that all students are healthy and safe. Please inform me of any health problems before the retreat to discuss the adjustments in practice. If you don't feel well during the training, please let me know immediately!


Schedule (1)

You will receive the detailed program upon registration.

Accommodation is not offered.

(1) Schedule changes depending on Sesshin


Saturday: 6:45 arrival, 17:30 closing

Sunday:    6:45 arrival, 17:30 closing

Zendo Etiquette

Each action performed in Zendo should serve as a practice aimed at focusing on the NOW.  To achieve this, Zendo has a set of rules that are clearly defined to create a smooth practice and optimal coexistence of all practitioners.  Please read Zendo and Retreat guidelines before entering the practice.

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