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Although the lives of people committed to secular aspirations clash with the lives of priests and monks who renounce worldly pleasures, both groups are strongly connected. Neither can modern people lead a meaningful life without spiritual support, nor can spiritual teachers or monks accomplish their role in worldly affairs, unless they have secular support.

Dr. Maya DoKa Mikos


Dāna दान / Fuse  布施

Dāna (Sanskrit), Fuse (Jap.) is the practice of cultivating generosity.  It is the root of all life and it is not limited to the Buddhist temple, but is also practiced in ordinary life.  It may take the form of giving to a person in need or the group of people in a form of philanthropic public projects.  In Buddhism, Dāna is a formal religious act that is specifically aimed at a monastic or spiritually developed person.  In modern times, Dana is a major source of support for Buddhist communities.  It is mainly practiced through monetary compensation for religious and spiritual teaching. Through Dana, the giver cultivates unconditional generosity while practicing non-attachment and letting go. In this way, Dana has a purifying and transforming effect on the giver’s mind.  


In HINOTORI, the Urban Nun Zendo, Sensei and her students practice the essence of Dana through a generous offering of time, knowledge, emotional and financial support. So far, Zendo relies solely on Dana to support Zen practice, Dharma talks, social work projects, and daily functioning. 

There are many ways to give: through spiritual and emotional support, goods and services, time and talent, but also through financial support (teaching fees, donation, sponsoring etc.).   Any donation is welcome and will be used for Zendo practice and initiated projects.  Regardless of whether you are a private person, a company or an institution, you can donate an amount of your choice to develop a more conscious and compassionate world. 

Thank you for contributing to the evolution of consciousness

How can you support Hinotori Zendo ?

Jade is valuable, whether packed in cardboard or ebony box.  


Doka Sensei



General donation 

To cover all expenses, including rent, utilities, food, maintenance and essential support for the teacher / Zen nun, the Zendo relies on your donations. You can support our work by donating an amount of your choice. We are grateful for any Zendo donation. Many thanks!

Tuition as donation 

You can support Zendo by signing up for courses, promoting the timetable, and paying the suggested price for the lesson. Warmest thanks!






Life events donation 

You can buy special present for family or friends (tea ceremony, life ceremony, consulting, meditation) or when celebrating your birthday, anniversary or wedding you can ask your guests to make a meaningful contribution by donating to Zendo instead of giving you a gift. The most sincere thanks !





Corporate donation 

Corporations can either donate by participating in Zendo's ZenQiYo programs, or they can make donations as a contribution to Zendo's vision of creating a happier world. Many thanks!






The patronage is as important for every Buddhist monk and teacher today as it was over 2,000 years ago. Without the mutual support of clerics and lay people, it is not possible to develop places that ensure that human potential is developed evenly and that intangible (compassion, spirituality and deepest human values) are not lost in the material world. Without the understanding and support of patronage, the potential of those who choose to renounce and dwell in realm of non-material, will remain unrealised and will have limited impact on the wellbeing of others.




The patron /ess may offer assistance in a monetary or non-monetary manner and at his/her own convenience. Deepest gratitude!

  • Food

  • Clothes

  • Other personal needs 

  • Travel and pilgrimage costs

  • Health insurance or medical costs

  • Place (house) for Zendo / hermitage


Donation to Projects


Deprived Children - East Europe

Many children and adolescents in Eastern Europe live in illegal settlements built from makeshift homes without water or electricity. They do not even have basic needs like clean water, hot beds, food or education. Help Dr. Maya Doka Mikos to plant the seeds of mindfulness and compassion.


Zendo needs to raise 5'000 CHF.


Dr. Maya Doka Mikos


Abused Girls & Women

Through Doka Foundation program, Dr. Maya Doka Mikos assists governmental or non-governmental institutions in their support of women in need. Mindfulness program is used to trigger healing process and re-programming of the habitual patterns.


Zendo needs to raise 3'000 CHF.


Dr. Maya Doka Mikos


Refugees - Balkan

Dr. Maya Doka Mikos assists NP organisations or State offices in their work with children who are under migratory stress. Children are provided awareness training by using tools such: meditation, qigong and yoga. Training teaches how to recognise feelings, reclaim human values and re-open toward Life.


Zendo needs to raise 5'000 CHF.


Dr. Maya Doka Mikos



Your donation is explicitly used for the practice and social projects performed in / by

HINOTORI, the Urban Nun Zendo, CH-8006 Zürich

The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving. 


Albert Einstein