DoKa Quotes - 13

"People like to call themselves compassionate human beings, only because they feel strong emotions when own families, friends or principles are hurt. But unless one feels compassion for the “enemies” too, these feelings are only another game of the disguised Ego.

When Ego is “at work”, thoughts and emotions get accelerated and start moving into destructive direction producing hate or fear and causing great suffering. One is not longer controlling, but is rather controlled by own feelings. That huge amount of “emotional” energy is accumulated to extent that person feels “close to explosion” unless all of it is released out of the system. Still, independent if released or not, such emotions are caring destructive actions either toward others or oneself.

In opposite, compassion doesn’t produce seeds of hate and fear and without these, no destructive actions will take place. Instead, empathy and love are emerging acting antipodal against suffering."

#compassion #Ego

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