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Winter Sonata: Human Desire

"All know the way, but only few actually walk it. " Bodhidharma

2018 is well under way, and hopefully already January shows promising journey.

Maybe you didn’t make any new-year resolution but, most probably you have a list of goals, tasks and plans, which you wish to achieve in scope of the next 350+ days. So, before the first reality check makes you realize that life does not work with lists, take a moment and look into your desires, which are underneath of all this goals and wishes.

Observe the process:

You want something and you start working hard to get it. The moment you finally reach that goal, you feel complete and happy. Unfortunately, these feelings lasts only for a split moment and even before you are able to enjoy results of your hard work, your desire for getting even more, reaching higher, feeling stronger kicks back again.

The cycle repeats itself. Endlessly.

Schopenhauer described the nature of our desires so well when he said: "[...] every satisfied desire gives rise to a new one. No possible satisfaction in the world could suffice to still its longings, set a goal to its infinite cravings, and fill the bottomless abyss of its heart."

But if you make your desire into a conscious process, it stops being a problem. Instead, it may become a wonderful vehicle or even fully disappear. Once awareness is brought to desiring process, and you stop being attached to it, unspeakable joy can be reached. Endless running after things you don’t actually need will end and feelings of appreciation for all what you already have will emerge.

You will learn to love a plain bowl of rice the same way you would love a five-course meal in the exclusive restaurant. This will be your key to finally start living and experience deep peace and happiness.

And with this thought I leave you to all valuable experiences in the days to come.

With love

Maya DoKa


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