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Fear of Death

Perhaps the hardest lesson we have to learn is how to understand life’s continuity, and accept, at the same time life’s impermanence. This is not as easy, considering that each living organism posses survival instinct, a biological driver for sustaining the body. With this, confrontation with own mortality is bringing up one of the most primal human fears, fear of death.

But, if we want death to be less scary, we must get aware of limitation of the physical body and learn to embrace our whole being in its full extent. We have to become less attached to life. This does not mean that we should stop enjoying life, or that we should want to die, but rather we need to accept death as we accept breath: without fear and wish, we just breathe.

Only when we stop holding back, and when we allow that natural fluctuation takes its course, we can really start living fully in the here and now. Only then, can we get into stage when everything falls away: there is no future, no past, no aging, no birth and no death. There is only an eternal chain of transformations without beginning and without the end. In this way, there is no death to be conquered, nothing to be run away from and nobody who can die.

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