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Happy Earth Day

Earth Day

Today, April 22nd, we are encountering the 45th annual Earth Day. Already 45 years people have been trying to sharpen global awareness of the damages we are causing to the environment, other living beings and the Earth in general.

Today’s people tend to forget the nature of their connection to the Earth and the extent of their dependence on it. They forget that after all, humans are just a piece of earth, just a mud blobs that appear on the surface and then return to Earth in the next moment.

This ignorance is especially present among the inhabitants of the urban areas. Their feet are kept in thick-soled shoes or high-hills, they walk over carpets and solid streets, they sleep on elevated beds in the buildings several floors above the ground. They spend the most of their lives rarely touching grass, soil, or sand.

With no contact with nature and blinded by their egos, people believe to be independent, special and more important than a grass that shoots from the ground or grasshoppers on it. They believe to be made of something else, of the more precious material. But the realization of own mortality and the awareness of the impermanence of the physical body (which will one day or even in this one moment return to earth) can trigger spiritual growth and more responsible and respectful attitude towards the environment, other living beings and the Earth. For these who are more resilient to interconnections, at the latest at the deathbed, they will be reminded of the nature of their bodies.

Being in touch with the Earth is not only a constant reminder of our original nature but also has many other aspects. It influences the entire human system. People appear to be healthier and more balanced when in regular contact with the nature in general. With walking meditation and forest breathing people can get grounded and connected to the earth. Their energy gets recharged and they feel larger, stronger and healthier. But even simple, few hours barefoot walk on the earth or short placement of the hands into the earth, will make the difference.

Medical research indicates that this contact with the Earth “induce[s] multiple physiological changes of clinical significance, including reduced pain, better sleep, a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic tone in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and a blood-thinning effect.” (1)

If contact with Earth can have such a profound positive effect on the human system, it can be assumed that the “separation” from the Earth influences our health and our well being in a different direction - negatively.

So, today, celebrate the Earth and contemplate on our unity with Her. Take another step towards more responsible and aware behaviour considering environment. Raise awareness on current issues such as climate change, reduced biodiversity, pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, water scarcity, etc. Or simply spend time outdoors, plant the tree or work in the garden.

Join over 1 billion people who celebrate Earth today!

(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3265077/?tool=pubmed)


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