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Zen Practice

When one transcends inertia through diligent practice, he gains wisdom and his suffering ceases.

The Dhammapada

Zen is a path deeply rooted within the teachings of the Buddha, enriched by encounters with sages, different cultures and modern humans. It is accessible to anyone who wishes to explore the nature of life, the contours of own mind, the shape of own heart. It is suitable and open to all regardless of nationality, religious preference, gender, age, level of intellect or personal development. There is no dualism, no differentiation; no good, no bad. Only harmony and balance within ourselves and within the world in which we live.

Zen is both the experience of reality, and a way toward that experience. Although it creates change, it is essentially about transformation. The magic within this transformation is that simultaneously transforms the world around us too. This is a path of reconciliation where our hearts and minds become holy, where the divisions of self and others disappear, and our every act becomes sacred.

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