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We live in a “pill-consuming society” in which people are looking for immediate fix for a range of physical and psychological issues, from minor pains to difficulties in sitting still or focusing. This is because they tend to perceive their own state of body-mind as an independent entity that is brought out of balance solely by external action. As such, they also tend to assume that an external action can instantly bring relief.

Traditional approach to health often leads to repercussions on the human system through numerous side effects of medications and treatments, but also through the weakening of the human self-healing system. The millions of years of human evolution are constrained by the ignorance of inherited evolutionary regeneration and healing processes.

By loosing the connection to their own existence, people are usually unaware of their own body-mind state, and find it difficult to read subtle bodily signals. They can often hear the wake-up call too late and only when the symptoms are hard to ignore. The separation from their own nature leaves people insecure and anxious, prompting them to look for an immediate relief of the symptoms. They falsely assume that with vanishing symptoms also healing takes place. It is like an expectation that the burning fire will be extinguished by switching off the warning alarm. Such behaviour has created the culture that supports the illusion that health equals to the reduction of symptoms or that good health cannot be established at all.

However, healing is more than just treating the body and curing the symptoms. Diseases can only be overcome if their actual causes are treated. Nevertheless, since every disease has very complex and interconnected causes that permeate all levels, only a holistic approach to healing can support one's natural self-healing mechanism. This restores the mind-body balance, which is required for successful protection against external and internal threats.

All of us possess an innate inherited body capacity to heal, a natural ability to achieve and maintain optimal health. Nevertheless, it is not just about thinking positively, hoping and praying, or rejecting traditional medicine. It is about supporting a self-sustaining system, preventing external and internal intruders, recognising signals and symptoms and treating causes.

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