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When dealing with things that upset you, the words of the Qigong practitioner, who according to the stories has led a healthy and prosperous life for more than 100 years, can remind you not to let your anger subdue you.

Song of avoiding getting angry

Yuan Jing-ming

When another person gets angry,

and I didn't want to cause his anger

I do not let anger rise in me.

If I would get upset as he,

Only an illness would be caused in me

And a doctor cannot treat a patient who holds anger easily.

So being not angry is what I always try to be.

Because anger can cause person to get ill,

and could even take life.

This is what i have learned from life

No matter what - I am not angry

If there is no trouble - there will be no anger.

According to the Taoist medicine, if you become easily upset and angry, one of the elements - wood (木 mù ) is out of balance and the corresponding organs (liver, gallbladder) are attacked. With the combination of methods (Taoist medicine, meditation, contemplation) we can re-harmonise five elements (五行 wǔxíng), but also work on causes that trigger imbalance.

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