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Truthfulness of the Words

We can never accurately and truly describe life and reality. In our efforts to fix the moments in such a way that we can use them as points of reference for our existence, we try again and again to grasp multi-dimensional objects with one-dimensional and linear tools, such as words.

But, regardless of the individual's ability to articulate his thoughts and impressions, words can never properly represent the object of observation. This what we believe to be a reality, is just an input of information filtered through our lenses, creating another mental object that is falsely identified by our minds as a reality. In fact, it is by no means real; it is only a subjective imaginary answer of the individual recipient's mind.

What we hear is never the same as what is said, and it is even further away from what it really was at the moment of its capture. It is like digitising the analogue recorded sound - it will always be far away from the sound of original music.

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