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Spring Equinox

The 2019 Spring Equinox is just around the corner and lands on Wednesday, March 20th. This astronomic event takes place under a super moon, which will rise in Europe just a few hours after the Vernal Equinox, which occurs at 22:58.

At the equinox, Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays evenly and day and night are almost the same length[1]. It is seen as a symbolic balance between light and darkness and the time when the spectacle between life and death changes in favour of life. At the same time, increased daylight is a reminder that the light always returns after a long periods of darkness.

With their detachment from nature, humanity has lost the sensitivity to attune to the seasons. This makes all the more important, especially for the disciples of the spiritual path, to strive for the recognition of the ultimate quality that is present in every season, every day, and every minute. We are invited to harmonise to everything at every given moment and to fully experience the influence of the universal cycle of nature.

Equinox is helping us to reconnect to nature again, by drawing intuitively our attention to natural rhythms. In fact, the earth seasons are part of our evolutionary blueprint that is designed to promote specific development at the specific time: the autumn is the seed planting time; the winter is the gestation of the seed and development of the roots; the spring is the bursting forth of those new seeds to unleash new emerging life that can be harvested in the summer.

The Spring Equinox opens the veil between the physical and spiritual realms, paving the way for creation. It gives the impulse to move our lives upwards, like a seed that is expelled through the earth into the air. The creative powers that we have incubated through the winter are finally expressed and the new opportunities are initiated.

While the winter season is the time of the feminine (the water element), and spring season is the time for the masculine (the fire element), during the equinox, these two elements mix and alchemical blending of water and fire takes place. The fluids within us are flooded and new energies are released, initiating understanding of polarity and the importance of balancing and blending the masculine and feminine. This is the time to focus on the conscious transformation, to balance the polarities and comprehend principles of non-duality, unity and interrelation.

Spring Equinox is time of great creative expression at all levels that triggers the growth and fresh outburst of the exuberant life. The Nature seems to open up as a gateway, allowing the seekers to discover its healing power, and giving those who can responsive the opportunity to access the pulsing force of the planet and to heal themselves and others. Those who are aligned with natural rhythms and forces keep evolving, and the serious spiritual seekers facilitate their discipleship easier. Piercing through the inner ground, rolling away the stones of personal limitations, stepping forward, growing toward the Light and finally bringing the Inner Light into the outer world, seems to happen effortlessly.

In other words, the Spring Equinox is the best time of the year for getting rid of things that are no longer serving us, and focus instead on:

  • Initiating new life priorities

  • Cleansing old energy within and around us

  • Burning out the old and making room for new seeds to sprout and express themselves

  • Accelerating one's own growth and creating new patterns that will support growth throughout the rest of spring

  • Releasing healing energies

  • Accessing the thinning veil between the physical and the spiritual realms, opening to dynamic spiritual energy and incorporating it into life

  • Fashioning the spirit so that the higher levels of consciousness can be reached


[1] Although it is generally believed that the night and day are equal in length during equinox, we today know that this is not so

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