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Easter - Awakening to Life

While strolling through one of the libraries, a little book with the unusual title “I hope you die soon”, raised my attention. According to the librarian, this title causes in many people a fear accompanied by a cold shiver running down the spine. Some have perceived it as a bad omen and a good reason to escape to the other side of the library, pretending that their sight never fell on that book.

But those who are curious enough to take a closer look have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the true meaning of the title. For them, the title reveals the best wishes one could ever get - a wish for their awakening to life. The book itself is not as important. You do not have to like it or give it some special significance, but if you allow it, the message in the title can shake you awake or act as a catalyst for your liberation.

Nevertheless, just as awakening from a night dream means the end of one reality, awakening from Samsara requires the same price – you must be ready to leave behind the life you have known so far to be born into a new reality. And this moment of letting go of old is the moment of your resurrection. When we begin to live with the pure consciousness and presence in the here and the now, our resurrection runs without interruption. In other words, our practice of embracing the moment is at the same time our practice of resurrection.

With practice, the layers of the imaginary Self are torn apart, which leads to the simultaneous realisation of our death and rebirth, at the moment when the last layer of our Ego is scraped. The past does not hunt us anymore, we are free from the images of a non-existent future and the only what remains is the restored essence of the true self at the moment of Now.

From that moment on, we begin to live truly, and every seemingly ordinary action we perform, such as eating or drinking, walking or sitting, working or sleeping, pulsates in harmony with our breath and the breath of the universe. Each exhalation becomes our death and every inhalation is our resurrection.

So, use this day, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus as an opportunity to contemplate on the death of your illusory Self and to awaken in a fresh and untouched moment of here and now - completely present and fully alive.

I hope you will resurrect soon!

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