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The Right Practice

In today’s fast- moving world, people turn to everything that promises instant relaxation, happiness or professional success. The market is swamped with thousands of books, hundreds of mobile applications, numerous life coaches, and mindfulness or meditation teachers. There are hundreds of thousands of videos on the same topic – how to clear the mind, fight fear, find happiness and succeed.

Almost every influencer, self-help guru, and famous person has produced a video or written a book about how meditation has affected their lives. Everyone seems to have the rights advice on how to meditate and find peace or how to increase productivity and improve career through morning meditations. Even large companies start including mindfulness trainings for their employees to maximise productivity and overall well-being in the workplace.

There is nothing bad to say about this trend unless it promises to lead you to absolute success and happiness through a "10-minute and 30-day meditation” package.

People give too much trust in such promises. They tend to be more cautious when it comes to investing their own money. They also understand that an excellent carpenter may not be the best to build a house foundation. Yet, when it comes to building solid foundation of their own minds, they rely on every promise.

There is nobody and nothing that can get you so fast and so far, except you and your own suffering alone.

Something that worked great for one person does not have to work for you. Mature and experienced meditator can achieve a clear state of mind after a few minutes, but a person still dominated by his own mind-talk may need longer, perhaps years.

If you want to build the house you may need professional support and you will probably outsource this task to experts. But when it comes to your own inner development, you cannot assign anything to anyone, no matter how much you want. If you are already experienced and diligent you may just need time to apply what you already know and if not, others can help you by teaching you everything about steps and tools. But in both cases, it is only you who can do the work.

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