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Simple Life of Realised Teacher

When people meet an awakened Master, they often do not recognise “her/him”. This is because they expect to meet someone who resembles an illusory image of the luminous being who does not eat, does not use a toilet or does not sleep. They falsely expect the awakened person to be free of bodily functions and everyday tasks. But that what we call life, consists of small seemingly insignificant activities. Even in the hermitage, in the deepest forest, a master cooks food, washes dishes and tidies up the room. The only difference between "realised" and "unrealised" person is that for someone who is "realised", all tasks are, at the same time, important and meaningless, ordinary and extraordinary. And yet, all are carried out with the same mindfulness.

So, the next time you look for the awakened Master, stop looking for the holy shine, but for the mindfulness with which “she/ he” folds the cloths, puts the glasses in the cupboard, wipes the floor, brushes the teeth, showers, or uses the toilet.

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