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Letting Go


Zen practice is all about letting go. So, if you happen to be talking to a Zen teacher or reading one of the many books on traditional or contemporary Zen Buddhism, you will most likely hear something about this subject. However, if you start your Zen training in one of the Zendos, or Zen monasteries, you may not hear much about it, but all your practice would mainly be about– how to let go!

Letting go” and “having no-attachments” is often misunderstood. Many people believe that non-attachments or non-clinging means emotionally disconnecting themselves from others and becoming indifferent to everything. But this is not the case. Letting go is the ultimate proof of love and absolute connection to other that opens the doors to pure compassion. It is a foundation of the highest generosity and gratitude that teaches you how to give everything while achieving the highest level of freedom.

When people tackle this topic, they usually associate it with the impact that letting go would have on their relationships. This is understandable, as relationships are the strongest medium that evokes all sorts of emotions - from ecstatic heights to deep despair. However, when the teacher advises you to practice letting go, it does not mean that you let relationships go, not even letting go within the relationship, but rather letting go of everything, on all levels and in all aspects of your life.

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