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The Flowing Spirit and Mental Dams

Photo credits: Bahman Farzad

The life of most people is like a river carrying all kinds of waste: trees and branches, leaves, plastic, dead animals, bicycles or stones. Part of it floats on the surface, another part is submerged or already integrated into the riverbed. But no matter where they are, the debris that has been accumulated in the river over the years will inevitably build an embankment at the first narrow spot. As soon as the dam is built, more waste will be caught by it, making it bigger and stronger.

At first glance, the water behind the dam looks pure and clear, but this condition can change at any time. Namely, no obstacle can stop the river and prevent its natural flow. As a consequence, the force of water on the other side of the dam is constantly increasing, making each dam an unstable formation that will inevitably collapse. The larger the dam, the greater the energy of the water that accumulates behind it, transforming the seemingly soft water into a devastating flood that releases everything entangled in the dam.

When that happens, nothing will be able to escape the mighty flood. Built houses will be demolished, fields flooded, loved ones will either be devoured or swept away by torrents. And when the river finally cleans up and restores its natural flow, all that remains is the bare land covered with the fertile mud, ready for the growth of new life.

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