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New Moon Solar Eclipse: June 21, 2020

Today, June 21th, the Sun and Moon align with the Earth again, with the Moon covering the Sun and causing the so-called solar eclipse. This moment in time and space represents a charged cosmic event that catapults you into a completely new experience, not only through the visible manifestation of the natural interaction between light and darkness, but also on a subtle level.

The global lockdown didn’t prevent nature from flowing, and even though most people have missed much of the spring, the next season, the so-called astronomical summer, started on June 20th. This is marked by the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, but also the time when the processes in nature and the cosmos support you in penetrating the divine light.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a rational or spiritual person, you can witness a change taking place at the level of human consciousness around the world. And, no matter if you are aware of it or not, a powerful revolution is happening in and around you. Although your energies are reorganising, and moving at all times, this is particularly strong in times between eclipses (where we are right now), when the energy that surrounds all life forms is highly charged. This may seam to be unexpected for many, but in fact, it is just a manifestation that suddenly becomes more visible due to the conditions.

The solar eclipse shows us that the Moon, although smaller than the Sun, when in the right constellation, casts a dark shadow that covers the sun. And yet, even the deepest shadow always recedes because of the Moon’s transition, revealing the ever-present light of the Sun. This moment when the light reappears after the solar eclipse, is the moment that symbolizes universal rebirth, and therefore yours too.

It is the time when the nature is supporting you in finding a home in yourself, on the planet, and in the entire cosmos and helping you to shift priorities from material comfort to inner needs. This allows free flow of empathy and thriving of compassion, for oneself and for others.

While such processes can feel like an endless emotional roller coaster, through the eclipse you recognise that the shadow is there whether you ignore it or not. You learn that every shadow is only in transition, following its natural course and disappearing when the right conditions are reached. And finally, you realise that even the deepest shadows cannot extinguish the light.

By viewing this astronomical event for what it is - the true teaching of universal truth - you open yourself to the cosmos that permeates every part of you and helps you to recognize the nature of darkness and light.

So use the eclipse as an opportunity to face your darkest corners. Illuminate your inner space with the light of compassion and let everything that casts a shadow on your inner sun pass by, naturally and without resistance.

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