Pandemic Freeway

The current pandemic is like a crowded highway that is becoming increasingly congested, making the average person feel restricted in their mobility, which inevitably leads to frustration. However, if drivers find themselves on a crowded freeway, it would be absurd if they would deny the situation or would doubt the existence of passing cars. Rather than denying it, drivers know it is important to be even more vigilant.

Namely, when it comes to traffic, people are educated about the value of traffic lights and other rules from an early age, so that a child already knows what a red light or speed means. And although the rules and requirements can change, their main function remains the same - to ensure an efficient and safe mobility of the humankind.

Yet, although these rules have existed as long as traffic, and are an integral part of everyday urban life, they are continuously repeated in various ways to remind people of the traffic risk and safety. However, despite the constant presence of advices and warnings, there are still people who cause traffic accidents and put themselves and others at risk. Yet, it is shown that even the most skilful driver, pedestrian, cyclists or everyone else who participates in traffic, can be both, the victim and the perpetrator of a traffic accident. In the end, what matters is the level of mindfulness and responsibility that individual manifests.

The same applies to pandemic measures. They can work effectively or can lead to health and social collapse, depending on the same human traits that make one person a safe driver and another a risky one.

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