Self Knowledge

The self is not fixed and it is always in the process of becoming. Self-knowledge is therefore an eternal process that requires constant vigilance in order to witness everything that passes, changes, appears or disappears, that rises or falls, that weakens or strengthens.

However, the self-image that emerges from self-inquiry does not resemble a portrait that an artist paints in order to preserve the beauty or importance of a person, but rather an image that lacks rigidity and that is instead fluid and flexible like water. Everything in you is in constant change and fluctuation, and this "Self", which you perceive as permanent and unchanged, is only an illusion that is kept awake by your ego or the egos of others through constant repetition of memories of past events. This gives you the impression that you are still the same person you were when the past events took place, only now, with a little more or less knowledge, experience, property, friends, luck or unhappiness.

In fact, not only does the content of your past "Self" differ from the content of your current "Self", but also the memories of past experiences that are part of the current content are different from actual past experiences. You carry some or most of these past moments with you, much like a river that carries the stones and polishes, shapes or breaks them along the way. And while some of them float through the waters with ease, others fall to the ground and form a riverbed or dam that blocks the flow.

Only through self-inquiry can the futility of clinging to the "Self" be revealed. And, as your self-knowledge deepens, you will find similarities between trying to solidify “Self” and trying to freeze the river flow in a single pass. You will understand that, just as the flow of a river cannot be stopped, no matter how deep the ice spreads, the "Self" that existed in a certain period of time also cannot be frozen, no matter how deep the mental formations go.

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