Wudangshan Qi Gong

Empty the mind, fill the belly. Weaken the ambition, strengthen the character.

Laozi, Dao Te Jing, 3/80

This is the essence of Wudang Daoist methods, including Qigong whereby, each form is practiced by adhering to principles expressed by these Laozi's words. Studying Wudang methods means studying yourself and understanding a single form also deepens the understanding of one's own existence and life itself. For this reason, the Wudang methods are not aiming at just memorising the movements and performing them as a physical exercise, but at deeper understanding of the underlying principles.

Only when this understanding is achieved it is also possible to understand the processes through which the energies are exchanged, generated or circulated. This will lead to acumulation of the energy in Dantien and when Danien is full, the respiratory and energy paths will become unobstructed and subtle.

Every single form has to be practiced with trust and full attention, striving for the essential. It is meaningless to make seemingly perfect movements, if they are performed automatically while the mind is busy thinking about the next task on a personal "To Do" list, or is impatiently waiting for the next form. It is just as meaningless to practice in a mental state of boredom and indolence.

One should practice as if this were the most important task, which requires absolute concentration and care. In fact, at this moment, this is the most important thing for you to do. Do not let the practice slack off, but nurture it so that it continues unfolding its effect. Refine your breath, cultivate your body; cultivate your energy and mind; and maintain the right attitude.

When you do so, these QiGong forms trigger the regeneration processes in your body, and the maturation of your mind. Not only that this will lead to improvement of your health and longevity, but also to inner stillness that gives you strength and support for everything that approaches on your way, no matter what it is.

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