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ZenQiYo Academy COMPANY



We all want a workplace where people flourish, but how can we make it a reality?

Perseverance and better performance through mindful action

When Bodhidharma (1) brought Buddhism to China about 1,500 years ago, he introduced physical training as a way of practice what led to the creation of the Shaolin Kung Fu training. It was only through the extraordinary performance of the Shaolin monks that Chan practice, which pursues a holistic approach through the training of body, mind and soul, received more attention. Over time, the practice performed by action went beyond the physical performance of martial arts and was also embedded in ordinary activities.  When Dogen, the founder of the Soto Zen School in Japan, visited China in the 13th century, Chan practice was already well established through manual labor and was further refined by Dogen after his return to Japan.


These two events are the millstones that are also of utmost importance for modern times.  With the dictates for ever higher performance and effectiveness, and the desire to balance life and work, modern man is often torn apart.  But that does not have to be that way.  With the wisdom that has been developed over the centuries, one learns that mindful practice is at the basis for optimising ordinary and extraordinary activities.  Bringing serenity and well-being back to life and society does not mean neglecting work and performance; on the contrary, it is the foundation for optimal performance and lasting success.


(1) A Buddhist monk who lived in the 5th or 6th century and is regarded as the first Chan patriarch and founder of the Chan Buddhism in China.  In Japan he is known as Daruma.

ZenQiYo Academy programs are created from elements of the three ancient teachings (Zen, Taoism and Yoga) and are based on the unique the Three Kernel System developed to train mindfulness through action, non-action and contemplation. The key concepts of ancient tools are tailored to the specific needs of modern organisations, professionals and leaders.  Although deeply rooted in ancient teachings and taught by the zen nun, the approach is application-oriented and focuses on issues specific for modern professionals, without loosing perspective of individual wellbeing, high performance, global economy and the world in general. This connection of two worlds, by applying the ancient wisdom to modern society, is made possible by the personal academic and business experience of the teacher.


Programs do not provide a magical solution, and participants are more likely to work hard – with focus, discipline and perseverance.  The program starts by assessing the situation, the needs and the goal; Objectives are set, clarifications on specific topics are offered, but most importantly, emphasis is placed on practice and implementation.



Programs are carried out in 6 different Modules. 

Module One

clear the ground

Setting up the foundation 


Zen Meditation

6 weeks  / 60 min 

Assessment of the individual / team / company status and presentation of the Three Kernel System and tools.


The duration of the session is 60 minutes and the number of participants may vary depending on the targeted level (executives, teams, departments, company).    

Module Two


Developing strong roots



6 weeks  / 120 min 


Recognising potential (individual / team), acquiring energy and increasing stress resistance through instructions, introduction to tools and practice under supervision. 

The duration of the session is 120 minutes and the number of participants may vary depending on the targeted level (executives, teams, departments, company).  

Module Three


Removing weeds



 3 - 4 hours

In-depth work on challenging topics to enable a change in the favourable direction ( personal / team / company ). The focus is on the practice and implementation of the tools.


Workshops are conducted with small to medium groups and take 3-4 hours.

Module Four

keep it up

Nourishing and maintaining 


30-60 min


The talks address changes (impermanence) and challenges (suffering) from a different perspective.  Shared insights should serve as a motivator for the further development of work strategies as both the individual and enterprise levels.

The duration can vary from 30 minutes to one hour and the audience is not limited in number.

Module Five

tailored care

Reinforcing potential



4 hours


Customised programs aimed at strengthening personal development and sustainable life and career success.

Check up targeted topics.


The duration is variable according to personal needs.

Each module is equipped with flexibility that meets the needs of the person, the team or the company. It is possible to enter any module without prior experience. However, the effect becomes stronger as the modules follow the suggested direction.  Unless otherwise stated, the program will be conducted at the location proposed by the company

Module Six

Intense Retreat

Reinforcing potential


Mindful Life

One day

Retreat is addressing people who are determined to change, improve or transform by completely restoring the system at all levels (body-mind-spirit); who want to reprogram accumulated patterns, recharge their energy, extend their boundaries, unfold their own hidden potential and increase mindfulness and serenity in daily life.  

ZenQiYo retreat is intensive training for your entire system:  body - mind - spirit.   It is based on the principles of the Three Kernel System and trains you use action - non-action and contemplation for your personal development.  You train your awareness in everything you do during the day, which keeps you constantly in the present moment or reminds you to come back to it again and again.


You will learn how to:

free your mind from the toxic inner dialogues and destructive emotions ( through Zazen ), get aware of your body and breath (through Yoga, Pranayama), collect, circulate and amplify energy (through Wudang QiGong), regenerate your organs (through Healing QiQong)


Through the training, you will gain insight into the concepts of non-duality, impermanence, non-differentiation and emptiness.


An intense retreat will give you an idea of practice in Zen monastery, rebooting your entire system, clearing your mind and leading you to serenity, peace and bliss.


The number of participants is limited to 10. 

Training day will begin 20 min before the sunrise and will last around 12 hours. 


  • Sunrise Wudang QiGong - Energy

  • Breakfast (mindful eating) 

  • Introducing teacher

  • Introducing System and Tools

  • Why are ancient tools important for modern people

  • Introducing human system

  • Why humans need re-programing 

  • Warming up

  •  Wudang QiGong - 5 Animals

  • Morning Zen meditation (Zazen)

  • Lunch (mindful eating) 

  • Demystifying mindfulness & awareness 

  • Why is zen meditation important 

  • Why body training is a mind training too 

  • Warming up

  • Health and regeneration QiGong 

  • Afternoon Zen meditation ( Zazen)

  • Tea break 

  • QA 

This training can be done by anyone willing to open, let go and conquer their own Ego, by all those who are ready to enter own inner Temple.