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ZenQiYo Academy HEALING



 If you want to release others from thirst, you must have water first.

Self-cultivation of energy, wisdom and personal health was (and still is) the most important task of any healer, spiritual master or priest. Only one who is conscious can show the way of consciousness, only one who is wise can convey wisdom, only one who possesses the power of compassion can help others in the right way.

This ZenQiYo Academy program targets institutions that are established to help and heal others, no matter at what level - physical, mental or emotional (medical, social, charitable). In order to fulfill their role, their own energy must be stable and strong.

ZenQiYo Academy programs are created from elements of the three ancient teachings (Zen, Taoism and Yoga) and are based on the unique the Three Kernel System developed to train mindfulness through action, non-action and contemplation. The key concepts of ancient tools are tailored to the specific needs of modern health and social professionals. 


Programs do not provide a magical solution, and participants are more likely to work hard – with focus, discipline and perseverance.  The program starts by assessing the situation, the needs and the goal; Objectives are set, clarifications on specific topics are offered, but most importantly, emphasis is placed on practice and implementation.


While work in social or healthcare occupations is rewarding and fulfilling, it is often emotionally and physically draining. The same feelings of empathy and commitment that initially drive people to these jobs, make them as well more vulnerable to “world-pain” and stress related to it. Witnessing of the suffering in the world can often lead into overuse of own energy and offering beyond personal capacity. In addition, situations of great suffering also trigger unsolved issues that supporter may still have.


Anyone who works in one of these profession bears responsibility for self-care, which must be carried out at all levels: mind, body, emotions, spirit, work, and relationships. Such maintenance paves the way toward fully aware and mindful living and serves as a strong foundation that remains stable even in the most stressful and traumatic situations.  


Programs are carried out in 5 different Modules. 

Module One

mind clearing

Zen Meditation

6 weeks  / 60 min 

Assessment of the individual status and presentation of the Three Kernel System and tools.


The duration of the session is 60 minutes and the number of participants  is not limited.

Module two



6 weeks  / 120 min 


Acquiring energy and increasing stress resistance through explanations introduction to tools and practice under supervision. 

The duration of the session is 120 minutes and the number of participants is not limited.

Module Three



 3 - 4 hours

In-depth work on challenging topics to enable a change in the favourable direction. The focus is on the practice and implementation of the tools.


Workshops are conducted with small to medium groups and take 3-4 hours.

Module Four



30-60 min

The talks address changes (impermanence) and challenges (suffering) from a different perspective.  Shared insights should serves as a motivator for the further development .

The duration can vary from 30 minutes to one hour and the number of  participants is not limited.

Module Five

tailored care


4 hours

Customised programs which target specific personal issues. Check up targeted topics.


The duration is variable according to personal needs.

Each module is equipped with flexibility that meets the needs of the person, the team or the institution. It is possible to enter any module without prior experience. However, the effect becomes stronger as the modules follow the suggested direction.  Unless otherwise stated, the program will be conducted at the location proposed by the institution