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ZenQiYo Academy


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Education is about letting the child grow to its own potential. For this reason, educational institutions and parents should guidechildren with mindfulness that is not influenced by religion, nationality, or other prejudices. Only then will the children naturally blossom into healthy and happy individuals.

ZenQiYo@Schools was specially developed for children and adolescents.  Programs offer a unique combination of Zen, Qigong and Yoga with aim to support children’s health and give them the opportunity to unlock their inherent potential. It will teach them how to keep their natural curiosity focused and manage restless emotions by returning to inner peacefulness. Through awareness training, they learn the law of "cause & consequence" in a safe and mindful manner.  This will help them to understand that everything is interconnected and  therefore their action is also important.  They will learn to appreciate and respect the uniqueness of all and everything.  Problems, which are of importance to one child, may not be relevant to another. For this reason, awareness training is always adapted to the age and the topic of each child. 

ZenQiYo Academy programs are created from elements of the three ancient teachings (Zen, Taoism and Yoga).  Programs are based on the unique the Three Kernel System and tailored to the specific needs of modern time.  Although deeply rooted in ancient teachings and taught by the zen nun, the approach is application-oriented and focuses on issues specific for modern educational system, without loosing perspective of children's wellbeing. This connection of two worlds, by applying the ancient wisdom to modern society, is made possible by the personal academic and parenting experience of the teacher.



Programs do not provide a magical solution, but rather after the first assessment of the situation, emphasis is placed on practice and implementation.


Zen will teach the children to rely on their own instincts and their own nature.  It will help them to learn how to respect their own needs and their own ways of exploring life. It will teach them not to copy or compare with others, but to explore their own potentials instead. Supporting the development of a “Zen child” means to grow a healthy, expressive, creative child; a child who easily in touch with who it truly is; a child who is naturally curious about life and can sleep happily at night.  

QiGong will not only improve health, but also teach the children to become aware of their own energy and the energy that surrounds them. They will learn to return to their own breath, to accept changes and to improve their ability to focus. Once this tool is learned, it will automatically be activated in situations that require more focus, adjustments, or discipline.  It will work as a supporting mechanism that will enable the child to perform at its best also in stressful situations that trigger a toxic emotions.


Yoga will help children to shift awareness on body and breath. Through selected asanas, children will develop a healthy relationship with their own body. They will learn to accept and extend their own boundaries.  As a by-product, their flexibility as well as their cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous system will be improved.


Programs are carried out in 4 different Modules. 

Module One


Age: from 6 to 10

6, 8 or 10 weeks  / 60 min 


Developing strong roots

Module Two


Age from 11 to 14

6, 8 or 10 weeks  / 60 min 

Preparing the fundament 

Module Three


Age from 15 to 18

6, 8 or 10 weeks / 90 min


Module Four


Age: all 

as needed


Solving problems 

Each module is equipped with flexibility that meets the needs of the children.   Unless otherwise stated, the program will be conducted at the location proposed by the educational institution

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